Apple Now Permits Video Game Emulators in the App Store

Apple always runs a tight-knit ship and likes to maintain control over its products and ecosystem. On the contrary, Android developers believe in an open ecosystem. 

This approach has worked for them for years and now everything is changing just because of some regulations. Recently, European lawmakers decided to create equal opportunities for every company. Ever since the new Digital Services Act came into effect, there have been significant changes in the Apple App Store. 

Due to the Digital Services Act, Apple has changed the regulations for app developers for the Apple Store. Now, it allows the distribution of retro emulations through it. This is a big change because it was completely prohibited until now.  

Apple had viewed game emulators as apps that let you download additional games. The company viewed such apps as mini app stores. That is why they were prohibited until now. 

But this is not as easy as it sounds. In typical Apple fashion, the company has created a long list of requirements that need to be met for game emulators. If an emulator fails to meet the requirements, it will be rejected. 

But this is good news as users are able to play retro console games. 

While game emulators are not new for Apple, developers and users found ways to install them anyway. Earlier users need to jailbreak their devices to install apps like game emulators. But now it is officially on the App Store, users will be able to download it easily without jailbreaking their device. 

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