Exploring Videos Just Got Easier: Facebook Launched Updated Vertical Video Display

Facebook is the latest social media platform that is copying TikTok. Now, Facebook is launching an updated mobile video player that will bring the vertical video look just like TikTok or Reels. 

Meta announced this on a blog post on Wednesday that ‘Exploring Videos on Facebook Just Got Easier.’

Now all the videos posted on the platform will be in vertical format and look more consistent with all new full-screen player. 

Meta Newsroom also tweeted about the news through their X handle. 

According to Facebook, “When you tap on a video anywhere on the Facebook app, you’ll now consistently see a fullscreen, vertically oriented video. Previously, depending on the length of the video or where you were watching, you may have seen horizontal videos or videos that played in a Feed-like player.”

So, as we explained, all the videos on the platform will now be available in the vertical feed, just like TikTok. You’ll also be able to flip your phone on most videos to watch in the landscape mode. 

Apart from this, Meta also revamped the UI completely for the videos. Now, the controls are much better than before and it also features an improved slider along the bottom to scan through clips. 

Apart from the upgrader video player, they also updated the recommendations algorithm. Here is what they said, “Within the upgraded fullscreen video player, we’ll also have improved recommendations for videos of all lengths we think you’re most likely to enjoy based on your interests.”

So, all social media platforms are looking to head towards the approach shown by TikTok.  

Himanshu Kumar

Tech and Software Writer

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