Find out How To Turn Off Active Status On Instagram and Manage your Interactions

You must be familiar with the green dot icon that reflects on your profile and indicates that you are online. But what if you want to hide your online status? Thanks to Instagram’s UI, you can now turn off your active status, ignoring the urge to reply to unwanted DMs. 

So to manage your interactions and privacy, read the article to figure out how to turn off active status on Instagram using desktop and mobile devices to enjoy uninterrupted scrolling.

Quick Answer 

To turn off Instagram’s active status, go to Instagram>> Profile icon>> Hamburger menu>> Settings and privacy>> Message and story replies>> Toggle off Show activity status. 

Turn Off Active Status On Instagram Using Mobile Device and Web

Some users don’t like to share their activity status on the platform with others. If you are one of those, take a look at how to appear offline on Instagram using a mobile device and a web version.

How To Turn Active Status Off On Instagram via Mobile Phone (iOS & Android)

Turning off the activity status on the Instagram app is slightly the same as the web version. Follow the steps to do so: 

  • Launch the IG app and log in to your account. 
  • Tap on your profile icon in the bottom right. 
    Tap on your profile icon1
  • Next, tap on the hamburger menu icon (☰). 
    Tap on the hamburger menu icon
  • Choose Settings and privacy
    Choose Settings and privacy
  • Scroll down to navigate Messages and story replies.
    Navigate to Message and story replies
  • Tap on Show activity status. 
    Tap on Show activity status
  • Turn Off the toggle to disable activity status.
    Toggle off the active status

Doing this will disable your activity status on Instagram and other accounts won’t be able to see when you’re online. Next, we have given the same process for desktop users. 

How To Turn Off Activity Status On Instagram via Web Browser 

If you use Instagram on a desktop or on the web, follow these steps to limit unwanted interactions. 

  • Tap on the More (☰) located at the left bottom of your screen. 
    Tap on the More
  • Select Settings from the list of options. 
    Select Settings1
  • Scroll down and navigate to Messages and story replies.
    Navigate to Messages and story replies
  • Tap on Show activity status
    Tap on Show activity statuss
  • Toggle off to disable the activity status. 
    Toggle off the activity status

Now you can peacefully stay online and no one will hinder your me time. But this is not the end; some users use online tools for Instagram to track their activity status, so consider blocking them on Instagram and safeguarding your privacy. 

How to See Who’s Online or Active on Instagram? 

There are some possible ways to see who’s active on Instagram. But before that, remember that the active status will be visible when you both follow each other. Besides that, you can seek out a few ways to see if someone is online or not.  


Switching off your activity status will prevent you from seeing who is active on Instagram amongst your followers.

  • Green Dot: The Green dot on the profile icon indicates the online status. You can see that through the photo column in your direct inbox and see who is online or not. 
  • Chat Thread: Through your inbox, you can see the most clear active status. The timestamps will be like, Active 25 minutes ago, Active Yesterday, In the chat, Seen and Typing…., and more. 
  • Stories: To check the activity status, consider checking their new story updates and analyzing the time. The second option is to check out who views your Instagram stories and search for their names. Hence, this is not reliable for accurate information. 

Potential Tips to Safeguard Your Instagram’s Privacy and Security

It is necessary to keep your Instagram accounts secure to safeguard against hacking and unauthorized access. That is why we have listed some potential tips to follow for your profile. 

  • Keep your account private to take control of your profile visibility on the platform. 
  • Restrict incorporating third-party apps to access your account data. 

You can ensure your account’s privacy and security with Instagram’s built-in security features. Also, you can attain more safety by hiding your IG post or restricting the displeasing comments. 

Conclusion: Conquer Your Privacy 

Seeking how to turn your active status off on Instagram will be beneficial to managing your privacy and interactions. Once toggled off, the active status will be disabled from all the devices you are logged in at the same time. 

Shortly, if you feel like showing yourself online, just follow the same process and, instead of disabling, toggle on the show activity status. 


How do you hide the green dot on Instagram in 2024?

To hide, the green dot indicates that you are online, simply open Instagram>> Profile icon>> Hamburger menu in the top right>> Settings and privacy>> Message and story replies>> Toggle off Show activity status.

How long does Instagram’s active status last?

The active status on Instagram indicated Active today, which means the user has not come online for the last 8 hours, but not away from the 24 hours.

What happens when you turn off the activity status on Instagram?

Disabling the activity status restricts your followers from seeing the green dot and active status on your profile.


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