How to Add a Product Star Rating in Magento 2

Customer reviews and ratings play an important role in influencing purchasing decisions when it comes to online shopping.

Integrating a star rating system for your products in Magento 2 will substantially improve your online store’s credibility and reliability.

Potential clients can rapidly determine the overall satisfaction level of an outcome based on the experiences of prior buyers using these ratings.

We will walk you through the process of implementing this functionality in this article. This will allow you to display consumer feedback and empower customers to make informed decisions.

Methods to Add Star Ratings in Magento

In Magento, there are several options available to add ratings to products. Here are some common methods:

Default Magento Rating System

The platform comes with a basic built-in system that allows you to enable star ratings for products.

This feature can be enabled in the settings within the Admin Panel.

Magento Extensions

There are various third-party extensions available on the Marketplace and other sources that provide advanced opinions and review functionalities.

These extensions offer more customization options and additional features to enhance the experience.

Steps to Add Product Star Rating using an Extension

To add this feature on Magento 2 using a third-party extension, follow these general steps:

Step 1: Choose a reliable third-party extension such as Advanced Product Reviews & Reminders by Mageworx that provides the said functionality — check the Magento 2 Product Review module for more details. 

Step 2: Install the chosen extension on your Magento 2 store. Follow the extension’s documentation or installation guide for the specific steps.

Step 3: Configure the extension settings according to your requirements. This may involve enabling and customizing the feature.

Step 4: Clear the cache to ensure that the changes take effect.

Step 5: Visit the front of your store and navigate to the page where you want to display them.

Step 6: Verify that the rating is now visible on the product page. This allows customers to leave their reviews.

Custom Development

If you have specific requirements or want a unique implementation, you can opt for custom development.

This involves creating a custom module or modifying the existing codebase to add stars based on your specific needs.

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What to Consider When Configuring Product Star Rating

When configuring product ratings in Magento, there are several important factors to consider. Here are some key points to pay attention to:

  • Rating system settings: Review and configure the settings in your Admin Panel. Determine the scale of the system and decide whether to allow decimals or limit them to whole numbers.
  • Display and placement: Choose where you want to display them on your product pages. Consider the layout and design of your website to ensure that they are prominently visible and easily accessible to customers.
  • Reviews and comments: Choose whether you wish to allow customer reviews and comments in addition to ratings. Customers can now submit more specific comments, which helps potential buyers make more educated judgments.
  • Moderation and approval: Set up moderation and approval processes for customer reviews. This ensures that inappropriate or spam content is filtered out and maintains the integrity of the system.
  • Review criteria: Define specific criteria or guidelines for customers to leave reviews and remarks. This helps to maintain consistency and ensures that reviews provide relevant and valuable insights for other shoppers.
  • Response and engagement: Establish a process for responding to customer reviews and engaging with customers who leave ratings. This shows that you value their feedback and can help address any concerns or issues they may have.
  • Analytics and reporting: Track and analyze performance with the analytics and reporting tools. This information can help you make data-driven decisions to better your products and services by providing useful insights into client preferences.

Advanced Product Reviews & Reminders by Mageworx

Using the Advanced Reviews & Reminders extension by Mageworx can greatly benefit the process of adding ratings.

This extension provides a comprehensive review system, automated popup and email review reminders, moderation and approval workflows, rich snippets integration, and customizable email templates.

These features enhance the credibility and visibility of your ratings, encourage more customer reviews, and help you maintain control over the content displayed on your website. 

Overall, the extension streamlines the process of collecting and managing product star ratings, ultimately improving the customer experience and boosting the trustworthiness of your Magento 2 store.

Wrap Up

By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily add a product star rating and enhance the user experience of your online store.

With the ability to leave ratings and reviews, customers can share their feedback, which can further attract and engage new shoppers.

By implementing a product rating system, you are empowering your customers and creating a more interactive and trustworthy shopping environment.

So go ahead and leverage the power of star ratings to boost your sales, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately take your Magento 2 store to new heights.

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