How to Change Background Color on Instagram Story? All Methods Explained

As a regular Instagram user, you’ll find yourself putting up stories related to your daily life or accepting some trendy IG challenges.

Apart from that, this social media app can be a prolific tool for your business account, and as a user, you must keep looking for tips to grow your Insta following. Nevertheless, you can surely attract some potential customers with your stories. 

However, when it comes to sharing content creatively, a user may ask how to change background color on Instagram story.

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So, when it comes to changing the color of your Insta story background, there are several creative ways to do that. You can choose a solid color for the background or choose a picture from your camera roll for the background.

In this write-up, you’ll get to know all the possible methods to change the background color of your IG story. So, let’s begin with the first one.

How to Change the Instagram Story Background With the Create Tool?

Using the “create tool” to change the background of your Insta story is the most basic and easiest option. Follow these steps if you want to create a story with it:

  • Tap the “+” option at the top of the homepage.
    plus option
  • Doing that will open the Create menu for you, from which you need to choose the Story option.
    Story option
  • Tap Create from the list of options denoted by “Aa”. 
    Tap Create
  • A colorful background will appear on the screen. Then, tap the circle showing the same color at the bottom right to change it.
    Tap the circle

Doing this will change the background color of the Instagram story. And it will change every time you tap the circle.

You can choose from a plain background, color gradient, rainbow, and more to make the background of your Insta story full of colors.

How to Change Instagram Story Background to a Solid Color?

Follow these steps to change the background of any story you put on IG to a solid color of your choice:

  • Choose and upload any picture from your camera roll to the Stories feature.
  • Now, tap the three-dot menu present at the top-right.
    three-dot menu
  • From the two options available, choose or tap Draw.
    Tap Draw
  • Choose the Pen option at the left and select the color from the color dropper tool at the bottom you’d like to use for the solid background.
    Choose the Pen
  • After choosing the color, move the pen tool to the middle of the photo and long press and hold it. 
    Solid color

Once you do that, you’ll notice that the whole space has been covered by the solid shade of your choice.

This method is very useful for creating Insta highlight covers. Just change the background to a solid color and add an image or icon to it. Save the image and use it as the highlight cover.

How to Add an Image on Top of Your Solid Color Background?

Now that you have a solid color as the background for your Insta story, you would like to put a picture on it. Follow these steps to add an image on top the background:

  • After following the above steps and making changes to the story background, tap the sticker option from the top.
    sticker option
  • From the list of stickers, find and tap the add sticker option. 
    add sticker
  • Doing that will open up the section with your recently clicked photos. Choose the picture that you’d like to upload. We’ll upload the same picture we used in the previous section.
  • You’ll see that the selected photo has appeared on top of the solid color background. You can resize it, and add some text or stickers to it. 
    Uploaded picture

You can also add multiple pictures if you resize the first one, and upload more from the add sticker option. In addition, this method works efficiently when it comes to adding depth and branding to your Insta stories. Hence, it could be one of the things you need to succeed on Instagram.

How to Change the Instagram Story Background When Sharing a Feed Post?

You can also change the background of the Instagram story when you’re sharing a post from the feed. Follow these steps to do that:

  • Select the post from the feed and follow the process to set it as your story.
    Set the post as your story
  • Once you get the post on the Instagram story feature, shift to the left side.
    Shift the post to the left side
  • Now, tap the stickers option and select the image you want as the background.
  • Resize the image and ensure that it covers the whole space from top to bottom.
    Resize the image
  • Now, move the uploaded picture to the left and then tap on the post to come in front. Adjust the spaces and you’re done!
    Tap on the post

Doing this will add the creativity factor to your IG story and highlight the post you shared.

However, you can also make the uploaded image transparent.

How to Make Your Instagram Story Background Transparent?

Several business account holders wonder about how to change the background color of your Insta story. But, as mentioned earlier, you can also make the background transparent. 

Follow these steps:

  • First, you need to choose a picture from your camera and add it to your Instagram Story. And once you do that, tap the three-dot menu at the top right.
    Tap the three-dot menu
  • Select the Draw option.
    Select the Draw option
  • Now, you need to tap the three-dot menu present alongside the two drawing tools.
    dot menu
  • The option will show more drawing tools, and you need to select the Marker, which looks like a highlighter.
  • Now, select the color from the dropper tool as mentioned earlier.
    Select the color
  • After you select the color, tap and hold in the middle of the screen. After a few seconds, you’ll see that the whole image has been covered with the same shade you’ve selected. But, you can still see the image as it is transparent as shown in the image below.
    middle of the screen
  • You can add one more image or add more effects by selecting the eraser tool present alongside the three-dot menu. 
    eraser tool
  • Once you select the eraser tool, change its size from the option present on the left.
    size of the eraser tool
  • Make designs on the transparent image or erase the color in a creative way to display the image.
    Erase the color

That’s it, you can add text and some stickers to the story if you like.

Moreover, this method results in creating visually appealing stories that you can share with your followers.

Changing the Instagram Story Background Using Third-Party Apps

Like almost every user, you use the Insta app to create visually appealing stories. But, if you like to add the professional factor to grab the viewer’s attention, using third-party apps would be a better option. 

For example, you can also try one of the best collage apps for Instagram Stories. Some of the best third-party IG stories apps are:

So if you’re wondering how to change the background of an IG story with a touch of creativity, you can use such apps. From adding creative sample texts to unique frames, these apps can surely make the whole process fun.

Why Changing the Background Color on Your Instagram Story is Important?

The main purpose of creating visually appealing stories and choosing the best Instagram captions for the posts is to attract viewers. Keeping the same background each time you post a story adds monotony to your account, and you start losing followers.

Instagram Story Is Important

Hence, changing the background color of your Insta story or adding different pictures to it shows your creative side. In addition, making your stories visually appealing will create engagement and grow your follower base.

Final Words

Changing the background color of your IG story seems evident when you’re running a business account. Whether it’s about sharing your new products or amazing deals on your stories you put, adding the creativity factor to them is a must.

You can add a solid shade, set an image from your camera roll as the background, make the background transparent, and even add a rainbow background.

If you’ve tried the application many times to change the background, there are several third-party apps that you can use for the same purpose. However, each app comes with a unique offering that surely makes your IG stories more engaging and visually appealing.


How can I change my Instagram background to black?

To change your Instagram background to black, Open Settings >> Display >> Dark Mode >> Activate the toggle.

How to create rainbow text in an Instagram story?

To create rainbow text in an Insta story, you need to select the text you want to change. Then, open the color palette. Press and hold to it. Then, put one finger on the color and one on the text, and slide them in the same direction to apply the rainbow text.

How to change the background color on Instagram messages?

You can change the background of IG messages by setting a chat theme. Tap the chat name at the top, tap theme, and select the one that suits you best.

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