How to Set Out of Office in Gmail? Automate Your Gmail in 2024

From major tech firms to independent vendors, nowadays, it has becomes essential to automate your email to adapt yourself in the constantly changing market, and the best way to do so is to set up a Gmail Out of Office system.

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The finest aspect? Compared to other platforms, setting up a Gmail auto reply system for your company is relatively simple. However, you should learn how to add signature in Gmail, as your auto-reply is incomplete without it. In this article, you will learn how to set Out of Office in Gmail. 

Come, let us automate your Gmail!

How to Set Up a Gmail Out-of-Office Message on Android and iOS?

Let’s take a look at the process of Gmail Out of Office set up on an Android device. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Launch Gmail from your device.
  2. Tap the Menu Button in the upper left corner.
    Gmail App
  1. Scroll down and choose Settings.
    Click on Settings
  1. If you have multiple accounts, select the one you want for the out-of-office reply.
  2. Scroll down and choose Out of Office AutoReply
    Vacation Responder
  1. Set the AutoReply to the On position.
    Vacation Responderc
  1. Include the desired date range.
  2. Write the subject and message you want others to see.
  3. Tap the Save button.
  4.  Finally, click on the Done button.

So that’s how you can set the Out of Office message Gmail. However, we recommend that you proceed with caution while following these steps, as a minor error could result in a complete failure.

The process of setting up Gmail Out of Office on iOS is nearly identical to that on Android. All you have to do is repeat the same steps on iOS.


How to Set Up a Gmail Out-of-Office Email on Browser?

It’s a neat Gmail trick to access Gmail’s settings via the web and do your work from a browser. Setting up an automatic out-of-office email in Gmail doesn’t require you to follow some advanced method, in fact, you just need to follow some simple steps. Here’s how to configure it on your computer:

  1. Launch a web browser and navigate to Gmail.
  2. In the upper right corner, select the Settings gear icon.
    Click on Settingsc
  1. Click “See all settings.”
    See all Settings Option
  1. Go to the bottom of the menu and choose a Vacation Responder.
    Vacation Responder Options

To create your out-of-office message, begin by entering the desired start date in the “First Day” box. Choose an end date by selecting the “Last Day” option and entering the desired date. If you prefer manual control, uncheck the “Last Day” box. Write your out-of-office message in the designated message box. 


If you want to respond only to contacts, select “Only send a response to people in My Contacts”; otherwise, leave the field blank to respond to all emails. 

  1. Finish the process by clicking the “Save Changes” button.

It is simple to turn off your Gmail Out of Office reply. When you open it in a web browser from your computer, you will see a large banner across the top of the screen displaying the subject of your auto-reply. To turn it off, simply click on End Now.  

However, if you’re facing troubles or errors while following the above process and your Gmail is not working properly, we suggest you to troubleshoot the app and access your email account again. In most cases, errors will get resolved by repeating the login process.


You can also share your out-of-office status with coworkers. All you have to do is share your Google Calendar and schedule an out-of-office event. The out-of-office event must last an entire day, or at least extend beyond your working hours.

How Can You Customize Gmail Auto-Replies? 

You can easily customize the Gmail auto reply message by following these simple steps:

  1. Click on Settings.
    Click on Settingsc
  1. Tap on “See all settings.”
    See all Settings Option
  1. Click on the Advanced tab.
    Advanced Tab
  1. In the Templates section, select Enable.
    Gmail Advanced Options
  1. Return to the main screen and click on Compose to start a new email.
  2. Enter the custom message you want the auto-responder to send.
    Custom Message
  1. Click the three vertical dots in the compose window’s lower right corner.
    Gmail Message Layout
  1. Click on Templates, then Save draft as template, and finally Save as new template.
    Gmail Template Option
  1.  Finally, set a name for this template.
    Template Option

Now close the Compose window, and your message will be saved as a template. Next, you need to create a filter to trigger that message. Follow these instructions to so:

  1. Choose the Settings gear icon.
  1. Click on “See all settings”.
  1. Click the Filters & Blocked Addresses tab.
    Filters and Blocked Addresses tab
  1. Scroll down to select “Create a new filter.”
    Gmail Filter Option
  1. Enter the email addresses of those who will receive this customized auto-reply.
    Custom Options
  1. Click on Create Filter.
  2. Check the Send Template box and then select the new template from the drop-down menu.
    Custom Template Option
  1. Finally, click on Create Filter.

When someone from your new filter emails you, they will receive the personalized message you created. 

If you want to stop responding to customized messages, turn off each canned response you have set up. To do this, go back to the Filters & Blocked Addresses tab in the Settings menu and delete each custom filter you created.

Points to Consider When Setting Out of Office Gmail 

The Gmail out-of-office setting has various advantages. Remembering that different people may find different uses for this feature is crucial. So, we have selected some common points to consider for this feature; let us take a look at them:

  • Gmail’s automated reply messages start at midnight on the date you specify and end at 11:59 p.m. local time on the specified date.
  • People will only receive your automated response once every four days. 
  • If you make changes to your vacation response and someone emails you again, they will receive your email response twice.
  • Spam senders and mailing lists will not receive an out-of-office response unless you configure a canned response with a filter for them.


Please use caution when enabling this feature, as it may cause multiple errors or send the incorrect email.

Final Thoughts

If used correctly, Gmail has the potential to transform your business. Using the Out of Office Gmail feature, you can easily establish a proper and effective communication channel within your team. Even if you do not own a business, you can benefit from this feature in a variety of ways. Most people use this feature during vacations to stay in touch with friends or clients. 

Regardless of the motivation, it is clear that using this feature will improve your life.

We hope that after reading this article, you’ve got your answer on how to set up Out of Office in Gmail. 


How do I set Out of Office in Gmail in 2024?

It’s super easy! Navigate to Gmail, open settings, and select the template you want to set for your Gmail. This is a highly efficient way and could be easily implemented in 2024.

How do I send an automatic email in Gmail?

The process of Gmail set Out of Office is very easy. All you need to do is follow the simple methods mentioned throughout this article.

Can I set Gmail Out of Office for free?

Setting up out of the office in Gmail is already free. There is no cost associated with this feature.

Is there an external application for setting out-of-office Gmail?

Yes! You can use several Chrome applications to set up an auto-responder to your Gmail. However, to avoid any risks, we recommend that you avoid using such third-party software.

However to set OOO in Gmail without a Gmail app?

You can set Out of Office in Gmail without the application by using third-party software.

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