How to View Private Instagram Without Human Verification? 18 Options That You Can Try

Instagram is surely one of the most popular social media platforms used all over the world. The accounts can be public or private, depending on your privacy concerns. But what if you want to view private Instagram without human verification and without sending a follow request?  

In that case, you can try some apps or websites to view a locked Insta account. Not only this, but you can even view Instagram without having an account.

So, before you start having more doubts, let’s straight away get to the list of such websites and apps.

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18 Best Platforms to View Private Instagram Without Human Verification

As mentioned above, you can visit a website or try an app that works perfectly as a private Instagram viewer without human verification. However, to save you time and effort, I’ve created a list (in no particular order) that mentions the best apps and websites for this purpose.


The apps mentioned below are compatible with Android and iOS, otherwise mentioned.

InstaGrab is a great online platform that gives you the benefit of downloading photos and videos from a private Instagram account. It is free of charge and requires no human verification to see the content of an Instagram profile that is set to private. Just enter the URL, and you’re done!

Instahack by Xmobi

Instahack by Xmobi is another Instagram private account viewer without verification. You can enter the username in the space provided by the website or app, and then it will let you download the profile data in seconds.

However, Instahack is a paid tool, which makes it pretty unfavorable to users.

If you’re a worried parent whose children are spending a lot of time on IG, Umobix gives you the advantage of tracking their activities. Even if their account is private, this application will work effectively to give you access to it in just five minutes. However, Umobix is also a paid app.

Apart from being a reliable Instagram private profile viewer with no verification, IGLookup is free and quick. It comes with a simple user interface and quickly gives you the results, even if you’re viewing a private profile.

eyeZy is a mobile tracker that also helps in tracking all social media apps including Instagram. You can even read the messages and simply check the posts shared by the account holder. The only issue with this app is, it has no trial version.

InstaLooker is a free and safe tool that gives you all the required information for a private Instagram account. There’s no need to go through any kind of verification, and you can get the results within the blink of an eye.

InstaDP is an online tool that lets you download any form of Insta content. It can download stories, profile pictures, Reels, story highlights, and more. All you need to do is paste the URL in the given space and you’ll get the content downloaded.

PrivateInsta is an effective tool that you can run as a website or use as a private Instagram viewer. It is free of cost, and you don’t have to complete any human verification. However, you must complete a survey to access an Insta account.

Feedsta is an application available only for Android users, as you can only download its APK from third-party websites. The best thing about this app is you get extra tools aside from accessing private Instagram accounts. 

Private IG Viewer by Injectbox

Injectbox private Instagram viewer is a website that gives you modded versions of known apps. One of its apps is Private IG Viewer, which helps you access a private IG account and see all the content. 

Just enter the username of the profile, and it will unlock the profile for 5 minutes. However, if it somehow fails to give you access, it will ask for human verification.

Fullinstadp helps you see the profile picture or story of a private IG account. It is free and requires no human verification, which makes it one of the most accessible platforms on this list. To try it, you can visit the website or use the app for Android.

If you’ve been searching for a tool that contains no ads or surveys, but helps you access a private profile on Instagram, go for Glassagram. However, you need to pay for a subscription package to enjoy all of the benefits.

mSpy is pretty much similar to eyeZy, as it is another mobile tracking tool that gives you access to social media accounts. Even though it is a paid app, you can monitor the Instagram of the user from anywhere.

Moreover, it will provide you with all the information you need and answer every query with its efficient customer support.

Continuing with the list of spying apps, I also recommend Cocospy. This app works perfectly as an Instagram private profile viewer no verification. However, like other spy apps, you’ll also have to pay for its subscription plan to enjoy the benefits.

If you want to download the profile picture of a private Instagram account in the best quality possible, you can try InDown. Moreover, if the account is public, you can even download reels and story content without any human verification.

Watchinsta allows you to view the content of a private profile on Instagram and extract all the data in a zip file. When you visit the website, click Access private profile viewer, and it will take you to the page from where you can easily view private Insta profiles.

Howerwatch is another tracking tool that helps you monitor the activities of a user. Apart from monitoring Instagram, you can also keep track of their messages, calls, contacts, and other social media apps. Even though the app is paid, it is full of features and extremely easy to use.

Instagram Spy by Spyic

Instagram Spy by Spyic is an excellent tracking app that requires no rooting or jailbreaking. It not only gives you complete access to the user’s profile but also allows you to monitor live Insta chats.

So, these are some of the best and most reliable tools that can help you gain access to a private IG account without any human verification. Some of them are paid, but in my opinion, give better results than the free ones. So, how do you choose the one for yourself? Let’s figure out that.

How to Choose the Best Private Instagram Viewer App?

With the numerous options available for you to view private Instagram without human verification, choosing one can be a daunting task. In that case, you can consider the tips below to help you decide:

  • Check the customer feedback section: Almost every application today has a section on reviews. Whether you download it from the Google Play Store or the App Store, you can easily see the reviews given by the users. Based on that, you can decide if the app is worth considering or not.
  • Read the refund policy: If you’re paying for an app that gives you access to someone else’s private profile on IG, you must read its refund policy. Many apps refund the money if the user is not satisfied with the services. 

    Hence, you can keep the refund policy as a backup plan in case it fails to give you the expected results.

  • Ensure additional support: Whether the app is paid or not, you must look for additional support or features. For example, a paid app to see private Instagram accounts may give you access to other social media platforms as well.

So, these are some of the tips that can help you choose the perfect tool. However, the availability of such apps can make you wonder if there’s a need to keep your account private. 

Using any method to view someone’s private Instagram account will not cause any legal issues. But, you should know that doing something like this is unethical. 

Being an active user on Instagram, you must respect the privacy of other users, and must not attempt to access their private accounts without their permission. Moreover, if you get caught while using any Instagram private profile viewer, it may harm your reputation and relationships for sure.

So, it is better to abide by the rules and respect someone’s privacy on social media.

Why Do You Need a Private Instagram Profile?

Instagram is surely a popular social media platform, but not everyone is confident about sharing their content with strangers. Hence, with the option of keeping your account private, you can hide posts on Instagram and keep strangers away from your profile.

However, it can have the following pros and cons:

  • Gives you a sense of exclusivity.
  • Keeps online scammers and bullies away.
  • Your content stays protected, and no one can repost it.
  • Gives you the benefit of hiding sensitive personal activity.
  • Hinders your account growth if you’re a creator.
  • You won’t be able to use hashtags or reach a specific set of audiences.
  • You won’t be able to embed the app’s content on your website.

Considering these pros and cons, you can decide if you’d like to keep your Instagram account private or public. But remember, with the availability of such monitoring apps, your account is not really private.

Wrapping Up – Is Your IG Account Really Private?

Technology is all about what you do with it, let alone gaining access to a private Insta account. Even though IG is pretty strict about the privacy of its users. But, using some apps and websites, you can see a private account and even check who stalks you on Instagram.

However, some apps or websites won’t work at all. So, you have to be careful about that as well. I’ve used and tested the given websites in this write-up myself, and if you’ve been willing to see a private Insta account, you can consider one of them.


Can you watch private Instagram profiles?

Yes, with the help of some websites or applications, you can watch private Instagram profiles.

Is it ethical to use a private Instagram viewer?

You can use a private Instagram viewer, but it can be a problematic in many ways. For example, it can turn into a bad habit.

Can I see a private Instagram account for free?

Yes, there are apps like InstaGrab that are free of cost and don’t even need you to verify as a human to see a private Instagram account.

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