Meta to Offer $5000 Bonus to Creators to Post on Threads

The Threads usage is increasing in the US and the company is now looking for even more engagement on the platform. Their solution to boost app engagement is a genius financial incentive to post on the app. 

Post by @mattnavarra
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Meta is now offering some prominent content creators on other apps up to $5000 to post on Threads as well. As you can see from the above post on Thread by Matt Navarra, a selected number of people are getting this type of feature for now. 

If a creator starts getting more than 10000 views for a single post on the app, they could be eligible for a payout. Some users on the platform are already farming these kinds of views, but the offer is not open to all. 

Currently, the offer is an invite-only bonus program. “If you are invited, you will receive a pop-up notification and an invite that appears in your Professional Dashboard on the Instagram app.”

This means that only selected creators can take part in the bonus program. Presumably, this would be available to highly popular creators who haven’t started their Threads account. 

Meta actually launched this program earlier this month for selected users, but now they’ve increased the payout and number of views also. 

Meta will hope that Threads will see a growth momentum from this push through top creators. Meta has recently revealed that Threads has reached 150 million monthly active users, from 130 million in February. Adding about 20 million monthly active users. 

This means the platform is seeing some growth in terms of engagement and users. However, it is still way behind X’s 550 million users at the moment. 

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