New Features for Creator Subscriptions on Instagram

Instagram has been offering creator subscriptions for a long time, they are live from 2022. These subscriptions enable creators to offer exclusive content to the subscribers and make money directly on Instagram. It was launched after X started their subscriptions. 

And the company has been making these features fun while offering a lot of tools. Now, Instagram has announced that they have reached a milestone of 2 million creator subscriptions in the app, providing more opportunities for people to make money via Instagram. 

To make this milestone, the company is adding new options that will improve subscriptions. 

First, they are offering new data for creators, the “sticker tap insight”. Now, Instagram will provide info on how much engagement your stickers are drawing in the app. 

They are also adding the subscription story teaser display, which will show a non-subscriber that you’ve posted a story for your subscribers. It will improve engagement and subscriber count. 

They are also adding new ways to prevent screenshots and screen recordings to help protect your exclusive content. 

These tools will provide creators with more insight on how to optimize their subscriptions. However, the success rate for the creators is very low. 

While companies like Meta and X are touting themselves to be pro creators and providing them with tools to earn money, only a handful of creators earn money for the effort they put in. 

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