Troubleshooting Words with Friends: 8 Common Problems Solved

Solve word problem with friends

Key Takeaways

  • Staying calm or using software-based assistance to look out for words can be handy when you can’t think of a word. 
  • If your game is crashing frequently, make sure to check any updates or maybe reinstall the game. 
  • Check the language setting or double-check the word in an authorized dictionary in case the game does not recognize the word. 
  • There are other strategies that you can follow to avoid any glitches during the game. 

Words With Friends has been riding high as a popular multiplayer pastime for over a decade. And while we all know the thrill of mastering this word game, it’s still a downer when any technical problems arise.

From issues logging in to trouble connecting with friends, we’ve got solutions for some common problems that can transform your gaming experience. So let’s get into it and troubleshoot these together.

Problem: You Can’t Think of a Word!

Face it, we all get stumped occasionally. However, if you’re consistently struggling to come up with words during your gameplay in Words With Friends, there’s no need to worry. Here are some tricks to employ:

  • Stay Calm: Don’t allow pressure or time constraints to cloud your mind. Take a few deep breaths, count to ten, and return to the problem at hand.
  • Play Around with Word Formations: Sometimes, shuffling letters around can miraculously present a new word. Use a pen and paper to help out, if you have one to hand.
  • Get Software-Based Assistance: You can use a word finder tool for WWF designed specifically for this game to generate possible words from the letters you have. 

It’s a great way to learn new words that you might not otherwise have thought to use, and expand your vocab in the process.

Any of these solutions might light the bulb above your head and lead you toward victory. So next time when playing Words With Friends and finding yourself at an impasse, remember these strategies.

Problem: Issues with Logging In!

Logging into your Words With Friends account should be straightforward. But sometimes, you might encounter hiccups that prevent you from logging in. Here are three potential fixes:

  • Check Your Credentials: Ensure the username and the password you’ve entered match the ones set up for your account. The slip of a finger when typing them in could be the cause of your woes.
  • Reset Your Password: If you’ve forgotten your password or have trouble remembering it, reset it following the provided prompts online on their website or app.
  • Verify Internet Connection: Poor internet connection can often cause login problems, so make sure there’s no problem related to Wi-Fi access, and that your service is fast enough.

Remember to stay cool and patient while dealing with these issues, as being locked out of a game is frustrating but temporary.

Problem: Game Freezing or Crashing Repeatedly!

Imagine you’re lining up the perfect word for an out-of-park score and boom! The game crashes. Here are a few things to try when facing constant freezing or crashing issues:

  • Update The App: An outdated app can often cause glitches, so ensuring your app is updated can resolve this issue.
  • Close Other Apps: Your device might be overworked due to many apps running simultaneously. Closing unnecessary apps frequently helps.
  • Reinstall Words With Friends: If all else fails, uninstall and then reinstall your WWF app.

One important note is that you mustn’t forget to sync your account before uninstalling to ensure that your progress isn’t lost!

Problem: Trouble Connecting to your Facebook Account!

If your Words With Friends game isn’t syncing with your Facebook, or you’re having trouble connecting the two, here are a few tips that may solve your problem:

  • Check Internet Connection: Once again, make sure you have a stable internet connection as it could be the primary reason for syncing issues. 

    Also check for any service outages with either WWF or Facebook, as these could cause disruption and are out of your control.

  • Re-login into Facebook in WWF: Log out from both apps then firstly log on to Facebook, followed by the WWF app. Also, check that your Facebook account isn’t suspended.
  • Update Both Apps: Keep both apps up-to-date since outdated versions can lead to functionality problems, especially when you’re attempting to implement cross-compatible features and synchronization.

Connecting your game to social media expands its fun exponentially. Inviting and playing with friends make for amazing entertainment, and often any issues here are just down to simply remedied conflicts between accounts.

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Problem: Words are Not Being Recognized by the System!

It’s bewildering when you arrive at a fantastic word and the game won’t accept it. Are you experiencing such scenarios? Let’s look at some possible reasons:

  • Language Settings: Your game might be set to recognize words of a different language than intended, so make sure your settings correspond.
  • Incorrect / Nonexistent Word Spelling: Even for seasoned linguists, mistakes can happen! It never hurts to double-check in an authorized dictionary.
  • Offbeat Letters’: Unseen spaces or misread letters could confuse between similar-looking letters like lowercase L ‘l’ and upper-case I ‘I’.

Persevere through these checks meticulously, and soon enough you will be on your way to landing stellar scores with amazing words that are enough to outwit your opponents.

Problem: Notifications Are Not Showing Up Properly!

Not receiving notifications from Words With Friends can impact your game flow. To ensure you don’t miss out on a vital play, here’s what you need to do:

  • App Settings: Check within the app if notification alerts are turned on.
  • Device Settings: Go into your device settings and look for Apps/Notifications and make sure Words With Friends is allowed to send notifications. It may have been blocked accidentally, and require manual overriding. This can also hamper things like text notifications.
  • Update WWF App: An outdated app might have notification issues which often get fixed in newer updates. So once again, checking the app store of your choice and re-downloading the game could be your one-stop-shop for fixing common complications.

Notifications are particularly relevant in a WWF context because you want to know when it’s your turn to make your move. Should they fall silent, the aforementioned checks will get you back on track.

Problem: Error Messages While Receiving/Sending Game Invitations!

If you are repeatedly receiving error messages while trying to send or receive game invitations on Words With Friends, here are some steps you can take:

  • Clear Cache and Cookies: A built-up cache can sometimes lead to issues. Try clearing it from the app settings.
  • Test Out Other Apps: If this problem isn’t only impacting WWF, then it may be that there’s a device-wide problem with connectivity. Solving this may be as simple as restarting your phone. 

If not, your router may be to blame, so try turning off Wi-Fi and seeing if you can send or receive invites over your network provider’s coverage.

If all else fails, don’t be shy about getting in touch with the app’s official customer support team. They could have deeper insights into the particular problem you are facing.

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Problem: Unable to Find Friends from the Contact List!

If you’re having trouble finding your friends in Words With Friends, we’ve got some surefire solutions for you:

  • Search Accurately: Make sure that the username entered matches your friend’s exact username.
  • Sync Your App with Social Media: Most probably you will be able to see friends who also play WWF, by connecting the WWF app and Facebook. 

Nothing elevates this epic battle of wits more than challenging buddies in real-time and basking together in shared fun. So don’t skimp on wrangling some of your most gifted pals into playing alongside you.

Final Thoughts

Every problem comes with a solution and your Words With Friends challenges are no exception. Hopefully, these strategies will help you hurdle over those tech glitches swiftly, returning you to the world of words in no time.

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