What Does FWB Mean on Snapchat and Other Social Media Platforms in 2024?

Snapchat is undoubtedly a popular social media app among youngsters. It is easy to connect with other snapchatters and the app offers great privacy options. 

If you’re also a regular user, it is highly possible that you may have come across the term “FWB” through someone’s story.

So, what does FWB mean on Snapchat and on other platforms, go through this article to find out!

Quick Answer

FWB stands for “Friends With Benefits,” and it means two friends can have a casual sexual relationship with each other without being romantically or emotionally involved.

What Does FWB Mean on Snapchat?

Whether you’re using Snapchat or Snapchat Plus, if you ever see the acronym “FWB,” the meaning behind it would be “Friends With Benefits.”

It refers to a casual relationship between two people who can engage in physical or romantic activities, but they don’t have to be a couple officially. Or, you can simply say, they can be “friends” and have a sexual relationship without being emotionally or romantically involved with each other.

You must note that, unlike other slang like S on Snapchat, FWB has only one meaning and that is “Friends With Benefits.” 

In addition, most people wonder about the meaning of FWB meaning on other platforms, and the term is pretty common nowadays. Proceed to the next section to find that out!

What Does FWB Mean on Different Platforms?

Whenever it comes to social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram, the use of funny or bizarre acronyms is common.

Nevertheless, we’re here discussing FWB meaning on other platforms. So, let’s begin with texts.

What Does FWB Mean on Text?

If you’re thinking about what does FWB stand for in texting, it’s the same – Friends With Benefits. 

While texting, you may come across this abbreviation when a person is discussing their or someone else’s dating life.
For example:

  • Person 1: He’s been so overreacting despite the fact that we’re just FWB.
  • Person 2: Don’t worry give it time, or why don’t you guys make things right?

What Does FWB Mean on Dating Apps?

The moment you come to know the full form of FWB slang, you probably think about its usage on dating apps or sites. Well, you can, because it is already used there with the same meaning and intention.

So, if someone asks what is FWB on a dating site, you can simply answer that it means Friends With Benefits.

Hence, apart from Snapchat, it’s pretty common to use this slang on dating sites and even while having a normal conversation with someone.

How to Use FWB on Different Platforms?

If you also want to use FWB on different platforms, you can consider the following tips:

  • It can be used when you’re mentioning your relationship status to someone. You can even refer FWB to the person. For example:

    Person 1: Are you dating him?

    Person 2: No he’s just an FWB.


    Person A: What are you guys up to?

    Person B: Nothing much, we’re just FWB right now.

  • If you want to ask someone whether they would like to be “FWB” with you, mentioning the acronym will work just fine. For example:

    Person 1: Hey, I really had a great time yesterday.

    Person 2: Yeah me too.

    Person 1: FWB?

    Person 2: Sure!

  • If you’re using a dating app and seeking FWB there, you can mention it in your bio. For example, you can mention: “Only looking for FWB. You can swipe right if you’re on the same page!”

So, that’s how you can use FWB while texting on Snapchat or some other platform. Nevertheless, it is possible that you might come across some other acronyms like FWB.

Other Acronyms Like FWB

Now that you know what FWB mean in text on Snapchat, getting familiar with some other acronyms will do no harm. So, let’s have a look at some:

  • NSA: NSA means “No Strings Attached,” and the meaning is pretty much similar to FWB. Hence, it can be used if you want a physical relationship with someone and don’t want any kind of commitment. 
  • ONS: ONS stands for “One Night Stand,” and it is used when you just want to spend a night with someone and don’t want to escalate it further to a relationship or even a friendship.
  • MBA: Well, we’re not talking about a graduate degree here, as “MBA” also means “Married But Available.” It is used when you’re involved with a person, but they are married.

    For example, you may find a profile on a dating app that mentions: Only available for casual dating as I’m “MBA”!

So, these are some of the acronyms that you may come across while using Snapchat or some other app.

Wrapping Up

Nowadays, it is highly possible that you might meet someone who’s interested in having a physical relationship but doesn’t want a commitment or doesn’t want to involve feelings.

This type of relationship is called “Friends With Benefits” and the young generation or teenagers, use the abbreviation “FWB” to denote it. Now that you’ve gone through this write-up, you’ll surely be able to understand what does FWB mean on Snapchat and on other platforms. Moreover, you won’t be clueless if any of the acronyms are used.


Does FWB have other meanings?

No, FWB has only one meaning and that is Friends With Benefits.

What is the full form Of the FWB relationship?

It is Friends With Benefits.

What is LTR in dating?

LTR in dating stands for Long-term Relationship.

What are FWB rules?

One of the main rules in FWB is that you don’t have to catch feelings or get serious with
this kind of relationship.


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