What is Bump on Messenger and How to Use it in a Chat?

Meta has been at the top of its game when adding features to its apps. One of its apps, Facebook Messenger recently got a new feature called “Bumped.”

So, what does Bump mean on Messenger? Being the latest update to the Facebook Messenger app, most of the users have yet to learn what it is.

This write-up will mention every single detail you need to know about the new Bump feature and how you can use it. Read on!

Quick Answer

The Bump option on Facebook Messenger highlights a previously sent message on the same chat. 

What Does Bump Mean on Messenger?

If you’re wondering what is Bump on Messenger, it is a feature that allows you to quickly mention a previously sent message without replying to it.

It is highly beneficial when you’re engaged in a normal or secret conversation on Facebook Messenger and the person you’re chatting with misses one or more texts from you. So, bumping a message directly brings it to the top of the conversation.

In that case, you can simply use Bumping to mention the message, and there’s no need to copy and paste it. 

Bump feature

This feature saves time and offers an easier and faster way to reply to previously sent texts. But how will the person see a bumped message in Messenger? Let’s find out.

How to Bump a Message on Messenger?

To be precise, when you use Bump on Messenger, the text on which it is used comes at the top of the conversation. However, you need to make sure that the app is updated to its latest version, as this feature has been recently added to the app.


You can’t bump a message on a desktop because this feature is only available for mobiles.

So, to send a Bumped text or photo, follow these steps:

  • Open the Facebook Messenger app on your phone.
  • Tap and hold on to the text or image you want to Bump.
  • Now, tap “More,” which is present as the last option at the bottom.
    Tap More
  • From the list of options, tap Bump.
    Tap Bump
  • Then, the selected text will get Bumped and delivered to the inbox. You can even see “You bumped your message” written just above the text.
    You bumped your message

That’s it, now, you’ll be able to Bump any text or image you want! This feature also works well while using Facebook Messenger for business. For example, when you’re communicating with a client and need to remind them about something while chatting, bumping is highly beneficial.

So, after getting the answer to what does it mean to bump a message on Messenger, it’s time to find out if you can bump all types of messages.

What are the Types of Messages that You Can’t Bump?

Facebook Messenger is full of features and is not limited to sending texts and sharing images. With advancements made in the app, you can even see unsent messages on Messenger, create polls, share location details, and more. 

So, even if you know what is bumping a message on Messenger, you should be aware that you can’t Bump all types of messages.

While it is possible to bump text messages, videos, photos, and file attachments, you can’t bump missed calls, polls, or shared locations. Moreover, if the chat is end-to-end encrypted (meaning the Vanish mode on Messenger is on), the bump feature won’t work.

What to Do if Bump is Not Showing on Messenger?

It’s common for users to complain that they don’t see the Bump feature while texting, and most of them think that Facebook Messenger is not working.

However, that’s not the only cause. If you don’t see this feature on your Messenger app, the only solution you have is to update it to the latest version. And, you can update the app from the Play Store or App Store.

Even if you still can’t find the Bump feature, you must clear the cache files for the app and restart your device.

The Other Meaning of ‘BUMP’ on Facebook

Apart from the bumped message meaning on Messenger, you may find people commenting “BUMP” on several posts on Facebook groups. Here, it means “Bring Up My Post,” which originated when people used to engage with each other on forums. This practice is now carried forward to social media apps like Facebook.

So, whenever someone comments BUMP on an FB post, it means they want their post to come up at the top of the group feed. Hence, it keeps the discussion active, and the engagement gets better.

Wrapping up – Is Bump Available to Everyone? 

This write-up has already covered what does bump mean in Messenger and how you can use it while having a conversation. This feature can simply be used to respond to a question and effectively works when you need to remind someone about a much-needed reply.

As mentioned earlier, Bump is only available on the latest update of the Facebook Messenger application, and you can’t use it on a desktop. So, if you don’t have the feature yet on your app, it is better to wait until you get it in the next update.



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