X Making Changes to How Block Works to Increase Transparency

Elon has been vying to remove the Block option for a long time from his social media platform X. Now, the team at X and Elon made a compromise and came up with a solution that is in the middle ground. The solution is in line with app store requirements for social media platforms. 

Here is what X explained about the new change in the platform. “We are making changes to how the block works. If a user who has blocked you replies to one of your posts, you will now be able to see their reply. This change enables you to identify and report any potential bad content that you previously could not view, safeguarding both your account and the overall integrity of our platform.”

So, for now, when you block a person, you can still view their posts, if you choose. When you go to a person’s profile whom you’ve blocked, you will see an option of “View Posts” to view and interact with the posts of that person.

With that, you will be able to interact with their posts but they won’t actually reply. That is really not ideal in my opinion. We shouldn’t be able to interact with their posts when the user is blocked. 

That is why Elon has been advocating in favor of removing the Block option from the platform. He has mentioned this several times. 

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